Pre-empt client departures with the Mirren Agency/Client Relationship Evaluation™

As you know, the agency/client relationship requires constant nurturing. If you’re simply
delivering what’s expected, that’s not enough. Being an indispensable partner means
consistently over-delivering – not in time, but in value.

Ultimately, clients leave agencies for a variety of reasons. Often, this stems from spiked
expectations – due to the complexity and pace of change. Agencies that don’t
proactively lead the client, can’t demonstrate strategic value, and contribute little to
no business impact are perceived as tactical vendors and are the most vulnerable to
losing accounts.

Based on Mirren’s Organic Growth Custom Training with hundreds of agency teams, the Mirren
Agency/Client Relationship Evaluation™
benchmarks both the health of your client
relationships and the effectiveness of your client-facing teams. This informs which clients
are most vulnerable, why, and what steps you can take to immediately strengthen the

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