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Small Group Think Tanks + Mini-Breakout Sessions

In addition to attending all of the speaker presentations and panel discussions in the main room, you can optionally join up to five Think Tanks and Mini-Breakout Sessions. Note: seating is limited and the sessions will fill up.

Small Group Think Tanks

Day One: November 7th

Moderated by subject matter specialists, join exclusive groups of 15 industry CEOs to collaborate on critical industry topics.

11:00 am ET

Generative AI: How Humans and Machines Will Work Together

Session Description

12:00 pm ET

The New Dashboards: Empowering Your Teams to Be More Financially Accountable

Session Description

1:45 pm ET

Building a Culture of More Assertive Client Leadership & Organic Growth

Session Description

2:45 pm ET

Digital Media Trends: The Biggest Growth Opportunities

Session Description

4:30 pm ET

How the Role of Finance Chief is Evolving at Small Agencies

Session Description

5:30 pm ET

Ditch the Pitch: Moving Beyond RFPs to Grow the Agency

Session Description

Mini-Breakout Sessions

Day Two: November 8th

These special interactive sessions are one part presentation by a subject matter expert and one part group discussion – each addressing a critical industry topic.

10:00 am ET

The New AI Tools Having the Biggest Impact On Our Agencies

Session Description

11:00 am ET

The Software, Tools & Hacks Agencies Are Using to Win More

Session Description

1:15 pm ET

Five New Best Practices to Improve Your Margins

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