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Cartwheel & Co.

Robert Drury

Founder & CEO
Rob Drury is the CEO and Founder of Cartwheel and Co. Marketing, an integrated marketing agency with a presence in New York, Los Angeles, and London. Drury’s journey in the marketing industry began more than two decades ago at LeadDog Marketing Group. During his time at LeadDog, Drury established the agency’s Television and Media division, which led to the pioneering of innovative campaigns that bridged the gap between television content and audience engagement. The success of this new division played a pivotal role in the company growing from $200K to $20MM in annual revenue. Amid the pandemic, Drury broke off from LeadDog and started Cartwheel and Co. Marketing, which specializes in events, experiences, activations, and partnerships. Within just two years, the agency was recognized as the Newcomer Agency of the Year by AdAge. Drury's visionary leadership continues to drive innovative experiential marketing with engaging campaigns on behalf of leading entertainment brands, including Prime Video, Warner Brothers, Showtime, Lionsgate+, Netflix, and more.

This Speaker's Sessions

Agency Showcase: Lessons from the Front Lines of Hot Pandemic Startups

Nov 7, 2023 | 11:00 am
Launching a new agency in the midst of a global pandemic? It’s the bold choice each of these agency leaders made – and it has paid off. These innovators are experiencing tremendous success despite the incredibly unique business climate they launched in.

This panel will get into the specifics of how they built their agencies. Get an exclusive look at the unique approaches Mischief, Majority, Special, and Cartwheel have taken to drive their exceptional growth. Learn how they’ve navigated challenges, embraced risks, and harnessed emerging trends to stay ahead of the curve – and what their innovation might inspire for your agency.