TODO: Apostrophes in names is currently causing an issue Meghan McDonnell – Mirren CEO Summit: November 7 – 8, 2023
Pile and Company

Meghan McDonnell

President & Owner
Pile and Company is a consulting firm focused on marketing resources and relationships. We work with global and national advertisers to ensure agency partnerships and agreements are built with client business goals in mind. As president of Pile and Company, Meghan oversees Pile Consulting’s suite of practice areas including agency search, performance evaluation, agency compensation, agency model assessment, onboarding, and more. She works with hundreds of marketing organizations and agencies, spanning all industries and disciplines, in an effort to establish more valuable, productive, and successful partnerships. In addition to consulting with Pile clients, she works internally with division leaders for Agency Compile, Communications Collaborative and the In-House Agency Forum (IHAF).

This Speaker's Sessions

Search Consultants: What’s Ahead for the Small & Mid-Size Agency New Business Pipeline

Nov 7, 2023 | 5:30 pm
Search consultants are an effective leading indicator for the new business pipelines of agencies. This group of leading matchmakers will help you understand what's ahead, unpacking the latest trends and sharing valuable insights.

In this panel discussion, they’ll give their take on opportunities for small and mid-size agencies, discussing the latest makeup of client requests, including budget sizes, client objectives, agency capabilities, and the volume of opportunities.

Time will be provided for audience Q&A, and we’ve invited them to join the cocktail reception.