TODO: Apostrophes in names is currently causing an issue Hugh Boyle – Mirren CEO Summit: November 7 – 8, 2023

Hugh Boyle

Founding Partner
Hugh is the founding partner of two companies designed to tackle the long-standing issues around disability in advertising: Doable, the first creative agency founded & staffed by talent with disabilities and; The Consumers with Disabilities Research Foundation, the only panel-based research business in North America, focused on the brand preferences & sentiments of consumers with disabilities. Hugh became part of the growing & vibrant disabled community in March 2022, further to the trans-tibial amputation of his right leg, following an injury. Prior to founding these two important companies, Hugh held senior positions at WPP & Omnicom agencies in an advertising & marketing career spanning 30 years, on both sides of the Atlantic. Originally hailing from the United Kingdom, Hugh now lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two youngest children, whilst his eldest children are both pursuing successful careers in the creative and agency industries. Hugh is also an amateur but published musician & songwriter.

This Speaker's Sessions

Keynote: Build an Agency That Changes the World Around You

Nov 8, 2023 | 8:30 am
We’ve invited an inspirational agency CEO to kick off Day 2 of our Summit.

Doable is a recent launch and the first to be founded and staffed by employees with disabilities. Hugh Boyle had a decades-long career in the agency industry before finding himself viewing it through an entirely new perspective – that of an amputee. With a deep sense of optimism and a desire to make a positive contribution to the growing and vibrant disabled community, Hugh and his partners launched Doable. He will share his inspirational vision for building a great agency that has a positive impact on the world around you.