TODO: Apostrophes in names is currently causing an issue Doug Baxter – Mirren CEO Summit: November 7 – 8, 2023
Agency Futures

Doug Baxter

Founder & Managing Partner
Doug founded Agency Futures in 2019, after a successful 25 years working for some of the world’s most successful agencies. Doug subsequently founded and sold 3 advertising, digital and PR agencies of his own, and 1 for a major network. Now based in London – after having worked extensively in the United States, Asia, and Europe – Doug leads a team of highly experienced former agency leaders who work with independent agencies across the globe. His expertise, strategic mindset, and empathetic approach to M&A, are the engines that drive Agency Future’s mission to help clients transform and evolve their companies, and build the agencies of the future.

This Speaker's Sessions

The New Drivers That Will Fuel Independent Agencies into 2024

Nov 1, 2023 | 11:00 am
Doug and the Agency Futures team have unparalleled access to hundreds of agencies around the world. This session will reveal the critical insight needed to more effectively address your agency’s business priorities.

We’ll kick off the Summit with a provocative – and even confronting – look at the key drivers providing the greatest growth opportunities for small and mid-size agencies: how to address the power imbalance between clients and agencies, how to better anticipate client needs, how to get clients to pay a premium, and more. This will help inform your ability to win and retain clients, hire the best talent, and increase profitability.