TODO: Apostrophes in names is currently causing an issue David Gross – Mirren CEO Summit: November 7 – 8, 2023
Anchor Worldwide

David Gross

Co-Founder & Head of Media and Performance
Anchor Worldwide Co-Founder and Head of Media & Performance David Gross is responsible for driving digital thought leadership, defining and executing digital strategy, and ensuring best practice with measurement, and performance optimization. He has worked across verticals, leading media buying and digital strategy efforts for brands such as Starbucks, BMW, Spotify and Under Armour. Additionally, David helped create and optimize Shipyard, the independent agency’s proprietary platform that addresses industry staffing issues. Before joining Anchor, Gross was Marketing-in-Residence at Quotidian Ventures, serving as CMO for a number of high-growth venture-backed startups such as Paintzen and Zipdrug. As a full-stack marketer, he has a wide range of work experience ranging from pre-product startups to some of the world’s largest brands and agencies across a spectrum of industries and verticals.

This Speaker's Sessions

Agency Showcase: How We’re Inventing New Offerings & Revenue Streams

Nov 8, 2023 | 1:15 pm
We’ve assembled a group of innovators who have invented entirely new service offerings – some completely outside traditional agency services. Through ongoing innovation work, they’ve uncovered new ways to generate revenue. They’ll share the process they worked through to conceive and bring new ideas to market.

This will include a look at new:
• Software products to improve agency operations and profitability
• Talent recruiting and development technologies
• Resource management – and sharing – platform to maximize downtime
• Productized agency offerings to accelerate delivery, value, and profitability

Each agency will share their innovation – the big idea, the business model, the build-out, and the benefits.