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Chris Butler

Chief Design Officer
Chris is Chief Design Officer at Newfangled, where he advises clients on how to apply visual language, design, and technology to solve business and marketing problems. He is also responsible for creating and optimizing systems and tools that keep the Newfangled operation running with excellence. Chris likes to remain as attentive to the details as he is to the vision.

This Speaker's Sessions

Dec. 5th: 11:00am ET
Digital New Business: Converting Prospects on Your Website in the Shortest Amount of Time

Nov 14, 2023 | 1:00 pm
In this session, Newfangled Chief Design Officer Chris Butler will explain how to leverage Prospect Experience (PX) methodology to ensure that your website more effectively and efficiently engages right-fit prospects to create opportunity.

You'll learn:
• A design method for focusing prospect attention and controlling their path to conversion
• The key page types necessary for your website's marketing performance (and how to design them)
• The engagement points that matter and which content to pair them with