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Lodestar Agency Consulting

Brian Kessman

Principal Consultant
Brian Kessman is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting. Brian partners with agency leadership teams to improve their firm's financial performance and organizational health through positioning strategy, productization, and operating model design so they can achieve new business success, scalable revenue, and sustainable growth. Brian developed Lodestar’s Agency Wayfinder™ approach based on his 20+ years as a leader in brand strategy, interactive, product design, and full-service agencies across the US. He incorporates concepts and tools from Agile, Lean, and other management innovations and 'Future of Work' movements into his approach to help agencies develop modern, value-driven offerings and operating models.

This Speaker's Sessions

Closing Keynote: Combat Agency Commoditization – Productize Your Services

Nov 8, 2023 | 3:45 pm
As agencies work to escape falling fees, unsustainable workloads, talent burnout, and the commoditization of their services, many are looking for new approaches to maintain growth.

The most future-looking agencies are packaging their value as “products,” “programs,” and “solutions” designed to address specific problems for prospects and clients. In doing so, client conversations focus on the value of their offerings, not the hours that go into them.

In this session, agency veteran and business consultant Brian Kessman will address:
• Benefits of a productized model for agencies and clients
• Examples of agencies using a productized model
• How to begin productizing your own agency