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Olomana Loomis

Alan Tang

Founder & CEO
Alan Tang is the founder and CEO of Olomana Loomis ISC in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has spent more than four decades helping companies grow and leaders get elected. As a strategist, he provides counsel on business development, marketing, branding, public relations, corporate communications, advertising, direct marketing, crisis communications, and nonprofit fund development. Additionally, he has played a key role in many federal, state and local political campaigns over the years. He founded his marketing communications company 26 years ago and in 2012 merged with another agency to create Olomana Loomis. The agency is globally-connected with clients and agency partners in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. He is on the board of ICOM, a global network of independent agencies and serves as the director for the Asia Pacific region. Alan is married with two grown children, one who recently returned to Honolulu from Los Angeles and the other living in Seattle.

This Speaker's Sessions

Agency Showcase: Becoming More Nimble & Profitable – Reinventing Our Operations

Nov 8, 2023 | 11:00 am
In this Agency Showcase, we’ve gathered a group of innovators who have completely transformed their back-end operations. They’ve been experimenting with new ways to improve their processes, systems, production, technology, and overall efficiencies. They’ll share what has worked, what hasn’t, and why.

This will include a look at:
• Rapid delivery models (outsourcing to produce work 24/7)
• Taking Agile to the next level for even greater flexibility and speed
• New higher-margin pricing strategies easier to deploy across teams
• Productizing agency services to increase ease of sell, fees, speed of delivery
• New tech stacks that actually work
• Building out a management team to remove CEO from day-to-day operations

Ultimately, the goal is to provide you with takeaways to help make your operations more nimble, responsive, and profitable.