Spear Marketing Group:
Spear Improved On-Budget Delivery by 100% with Mavenlink
“Many team members work remotely, so we need systems, standard procedures, and documentation to run like a well-oiled machine. We need a sound digital infrastructure to operate and allow for scale in our business to adjust smoothly to growth.” — Liz Tunquist, Operations Manager, Spear Marketing Group

Black Tie Digital Marketing:
Black Tie Digital Marketing Increased Profitability by 40% with Mavenlink
“Mavenlink allows us to get projects up and running faster and has saved us an immense amount of non-billable admin time in project set-up.” — Steve Buck, Co-Founder, Black Tie Digital Marketing

Primitive Spark:
Primitive Spark Improves Utilization and Profit Margins More Than 100% with Mavenlink
“In the past, we would hope and pray we would hit our project margins. We had no real insight until the project was complete, and it was based on the data we had access to in the Google Sheets.”— Brooke Coe, Project Director, Primitive Spark


Brent Trimble

Brent Trimble is a 15+ year agency leadership veteran who has led agency growth and operation initiatives. As Mavenlink’s Agency Managing Director & VP of Advisory Services, he specializes in mapping and improving agency workflows. Deploying market understanding and best practices, Brent helps agencies refine processes and staffing dynamics. He isolates key metric improvements resulting in faster revenue recognition and ultimately models performance impact. Before joining Mavenlink, Brent held positions at Interpublic Group, Accenture, WPP, independent agencies and consulting firms.

Ashley Stamatis

Ashley Stamatis is an Agency Client Service Advisor based in Irvine, CA. Ashley speaks with all types of growing agencies and marketing firms to understand their current business challenges and goals in order to learn the key areas Mavenlink could help optimize within project delivery and operations. Connect with Ashley today to learn more about how Mavenlink can help agencies scale efficiently and profitably.

Nathan Thomas

Nathan Thomas is an Account Advisor based in Irvine, CA. Nathan is the first voice people converse with when inquiring about Mavenlink and he quickly works to understand how a great project and resource management software can help alleviate their current business challenges. Connect with Nathan today to learn more about Mavenlink.

Mavenlink's purpose-built cloud software enables agencies to optimize resources and elevates operational performance to build a thriving business. A resource-first architecture, enables resource managers to field the best team, every time and see up-to-the minute progress against timelines and budgets so projects run smoothly, predictably, and profitably. Mavenlink’s Industry Cloud for Professional Services helps you support clients like never before. Visit to learn more.

Mavenlink Success Stories

Brent Trimble

Agency Managing Director & VP of Advisory Services

Ashley Stamatis

Agency Client Service Advisor

Nathan Thomas

Account Advisor, Mavenlink

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